Local history and identity

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Άτραξ Πηνειάδα
Πασχαλιόγιορτα στο Γριζάνο
Municipal Unit of Farkadona

Local History and Identity

Identity, national or local, is the feeling of belonging to a cohesive body of people. It is not an inherent trait, it is essentially socially constructed. A person’s identity is gradually constructed as the person directly perceives in their everyday life, the common points with others: national symbols, language, colors, history of their place and their nation, religion, blood ties, culture, music and cuisine.

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Characteristics of the Municipality

The Municipality of Farkadona is a beautiful and dynamic municipality, a safe community, which favors the development of production.

The inhabitants of the Municipality have a high level of know-how regarding agricultural matters, which, in connection with the fertility of the Thessalian plain, helps the development of productive agricultural and livestock units.

The beauty of nature is unique, both in the lowland and in the highlands, with endless green pastures and small ponds popping up where you least expect it.

Οι παλιές ονομασίες των χωριών του Δήμου Φαρκαδόνας
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