Krini, the village with the most ancient names

Unusual baptismal names of men and women are found in the village of Krini in the Municipality of Farkadona. Names that we are not used to hearing in other villages in our region and upon hearing them, many are surprised. Despite the passing of years, these names are passed down from generation to generation and are passed down since the names of the grandparents are taken by the grandchildren, with the result that the tradition of naming continues.

Most of the strange and unusual names belong to ancient Greeks. What prompted the contractors, however, to choose these names, most of which are unknown to us in the general public?

In most cases, the names of ancient Greeks were given by the usually educated contractors who tried to keep alive the contact of the inhabitants of Krini with the distant past, which would also strengthen their national consciousness.

These names are reproduced in our time as well, since tradition dictates that babies be given the names of their grandparents.

Today in the village, in addition to the old people who bear the aforementioned names, there are many children, teenagers and young people with unusual names, which many people find surprising. However, they exist and are heard to remind us of our history, unknown to many.

Indicatively, below is a table with some ancient names, of men and women, which we find in the village of Krini today, some of them are rare in the rest of the region.

Ancient Greek Male Names:
Epaminondas, Parmenion, Archelaus, Socrates, Alcibiades, Aristides, Peleus, Eulochus, Charilaus, Heracles, Odysseus, Achilles, Xanthos, Andronicus, Alexander, Euripides,
Aristotle, Polycarp, Eustathius, Dionysius, Nikephoros, Myron, Agora, Polychronis, Demosthenes, Euthymius, Miltiades, Telemachus, Themistocles, Aemilius, etc.

Ancient Greek Women’s Names
: strong, lb Thessaly, Ariadne, Iphigenia, Melpomene, Penelope, Synod, Crystal, Eustathia, Olympia, Theano, Androniki, Chariclea, Aphrodite, Sophia, Health, Happiness, Virtue, Abundance
Thalia, Artemis, Elsa, Merope, Elpinice, Eurydice, Antigone, Athena, Helia, Roxane, Polyxene, Andromache, Eriphyle, Eudoxia, Hermione, Calliope, Urania, Nausicaa, Chrysis, Euphrosyne, Lydia, Merope, Cleo, Sappho, Aglaia,
Eudokia, Euthalia, Aspasia, Cassiani, Erato, Alcmene, Danae, Galatea, Nepheli, Cleo, Emilia, etc.