Church of Agios Georgios Grizano

The Church of Agios Georgios is the parish Church of Grizano. It is located at the Foothills of Mount Kastro, among many towering centuries-old plane trees and many natural springs from which abundant water flows.

Visitors’ reports

The English traveler Col. William Martin Leake (W.M. Leake) in 1805 who visited Grizano mentions that there is a large church on the eastern edge of the village.

The French traveler Léon Heuzey, during his visit to Grizano in 1858, noticed a very large church. The place is shaded with one of the grandest plane trees seen in the East. From the foundations of the church runs a spring with abundant water that falls into a marble altar too spacious to be an ancient sarcophagus.

Today, the elders tell that until 1950 there was a very large plane tree in front of the spring, whose trunk was five meters in diameter and which functioned as a coffee shop. In 1950, the sycamore tree was cut down to shape the space.

If we accept that the plane tree in front of the spring of the temple (mentioned by the French traveler Eze during his visit to Grizano in 1858) was centuries old and if, as he mentions throughout the east, he did not see that big and had a diameter of five meters, then surely it must to be a thousand years old. Also, its planting may be identified with the year of construction of the temple in 600 AD. as mentioned by B. Beys in his book.