Lochos Grizano

The border line between Greece and the Ottoman Empire in Thessaly was formed with the liberation of Thessaly in 1881. Then, many outposts were built along the new border. In total, their number was around 300. Most of these outposts were like small castles. In particular, the Turkish ones were better built and had polygonal towers and battlements, while the Greek ones had a more modest construction but they also had (rectangular) towers.

Location and time of construction

It was built after the change of borders in 1897. Until 1897 there was a Greek outpost inside the neighboring Byzantine Castle of Grizanos. In 1897 the border receded south (to the yellow border). So after 1897, the Byzantine castle passed to the Turks, so the fort in question was built on the Greek side.

Operation of lochos

The fort or Lochos as it is called today, was bigger than the rest as it was a command post and company headquarters. It housed the Administration of the Greek Prisons of the area of Grizanos.

He was responsible for guarding and controlling the following outposts:
1. the outpost (111) at the border of the Communities, Diaselo, Megalo Eleftherochori and Grizanos,
2. the outpost of Paramyda,
3. the Outpost of the Prophet Elias,
4. the Vlach outpost and the Hellenic Customs Station.

The building is built symmetrically, almost square, with two rectangular towers on its upper right and lower left sides. The entrance is from the west side (side A) and inside it is formed a single internal courtyard space, with a total area of 100.00 sq.m. The architecture here too follows a conservative framework, with audacity for large openings. Characteristic here too are the arched entrance portals, the arches at the entrances and the carved masonry.