Amfion Music Association of Farkadona

The “O Amphion” club was created in 2006 thanks to the inspiration, vision and unquenchable passion for tradition and culture possessed by the late Aristotelis Koutsikos. Although times have changed since the official establishment of Amphion, the Board Members. to walk in his footsteps and open channels to the future keeping as a talisman his precious legacy, which they respect and protect.

Mr. Koutsikos Aristotelis was born in Panagitsa, Trikala. He graduated from the Primary School of Panagitsa and after graduating from the Primary School, he continued his high school studies at the 2nd High School of Larissa.

He was the High School Principal of Farkadona High School for five years and was then assigned to Farkadona High School as High School Principal for ten years from where he ended his educational career.