Paschaliogiorta in Grizano

In Grizano, on the days of Easter after the Resurrection, the vicar of the village works, almost every day and usually works in all the churches of the village. Easter is the holiday that strangers come to celebrate in their homeland and see their loved ones. The whole village celebrates the resurrection of Christ with splendor and the celebration has a festive character. After the end of the service, the girls of the village set up the Easter dance. First the free ones, first the girl whose turn it is to get married, then the youngest and then the married ones. They all sing together the Easter songs, the Paschalioyorta and dance in a large circle with a slow rhythm. The young people gather around the dance to see and choose the best for their wife. At the end the priest gives the signal for the end of the dance. This is repeated all days after the service ends.