Fount of the Daughter in Grizano

The Fount of the Daughter is located in the interior of the Byzantine Castle, one hundred meters NW of the Holy Monastery of Agios Dimitrios. It only has water when it rains in the Winter months. Then abundant water flows from the spring which pours into the adjacent waterfall and creates a wonderful sight. It is called the Fount of the Daughter because according to the legend of the village, two siblings, a boy and a girl, once visited the spring. Because the villagers believed and believe that the water comes from a large lake inside the mountain, the boy went inside to see the lake and did not return. The daughter, seeing that her brother did not return, went in to look for him and she did not return either. The mother, desperate for the loss of the children, cried out and searched for the daughter in vain. From the persistent and desperate voices of the mother, the spring was named the daughter’s fount.