Fayttos Zarko

The location of the city

The ancient Fayttos is located at Krya Vrysi – Zarkou. Faittos was the ancient name of the village of Zarkos, a name considered by some authors to be a corruption of Phaistos. In ancient times, it was an important center in the region, as evidenced by the remains of fortifications and finds, as well as philological references.

Archeological findings

In October 1883, the German archaeologist G. Lollingii, at the location of Krya Vrysi, brought to light a marble inscription 0.72 meters high on which is written a resolution of the city of Faittians to Gorgias the Gyrtonius.

Fayttos Zarko

In 1957, during the opening of the village’s aqueduct, a clay jar full of Macedonian talents with the head of Alexander the Great, dating around 264 BC, was found in the precincts of the local church. (Archaeological Museum of Volos).

From the findings as well as from historical references, the archaeologists concluded that the current village of Zarko is built on the ancient city of Faittos, which Homer mentions in the Iliad, as one of the four great cities of Estiaiotis that sent an army and participated in the Trojan War .