The five-arched bridge of Ali Efendi in Keramidi

The Bridge of Ali Efentis or the bridge at Vazouria will be found before the village of Keramidi, as we come from Farkadona and after crossing Pinios, entering a dirt road to the right of the concrete bridge. It is a five-arched bridge that bridged a tributary of the Pinios, next to the Enippea river and served the connection between the villages of Karditsa, Farkadona and Larissa. Today it is not used. It was built during the Turkish occupation, at an unknown date.

It is worth pointing out once again that it is the only five-arched bridge that has survived in its entirety in the prefecture of Trikala. Its semicircular arches all have a span of 4 meters and a height of 2 meters. The total length of the bridge is 32 meters, the width is 3.60 meters and it is located at an altitude of 91 meters. It was built with white limestone from the area. Unfortunately, its deck is covered in dirt and weeds.

A beautiful five-arched bridge, forgotten, outdated, hidden in the vegetation, among the trees, under the grasses that have grown on the soils that cover it and at the same time protect it from rains, disasters and from the fury of time that passes relentlessly and leaves his signs. Time in the case of the bridge was kind to it, it protected it and it was not completely destroyed.