The flora of the Municipality of Farkadona

The Municipality consists of a mixture of low altitudes and meadows, while a significant percentage is also occupied by agricultural lands.

The lowland zone, which covers the central and south-eastern part of the Municipality, is covered by agricultural lands that mainly include grain, cotton, clover, alfalfa and tobacco, while during the winter a percentage of these lands are cultivated with vegetables.

Additionally, in the areas located at the foot of the mountains, significant areas are covered by olive groves and vineyards.

In the southern part of the Municipality is the river Pinios which gives ground and life to a rich flora along it. There we will find aquatic vegetation such as reeds, burla, water lilies, watercress but also riparian vegetation such as conifers, deciduous trees, shrubs and poes.

The trees found in the municipality are mainly sycamores, willows, poplars, hornbeams, acacias, acacias, oaks, elms, mulberry trees and mulberry trees.

Also a notable green spot in the area is the famous plane tree forest of Oichalia.