Cultural Associations of the Municipality of Farkadona

In the area of the Municipality of Farkadona, many cultural associations are active. Some of them are as follows:

Farkadonas Music Association “O Amphion”

The Farkadonas Music Association was founded in 2006 thanks to the inspiration, vision and unquenchable passion for tradition and culture possessed by the late Aristotelis Koutsikos. Mr. Aristotelis Koutsikos, choirmaster and teacher of the Association, contributed the most to the promotion of the musical tradition, having formed a choir with remarkable activity before the Association was founded.

Our club has taken part in music festivals, concerts, painting exhibitions and events inside and outside the Region of Thessaly. Apart from these, however, he has also released 11 CDs which include Byzantine hymns and traditional songs of Asia Minor, Thessaly, Roumeli and the Peloponnese. Among them, a CD with a correlation between the Elementary and the Byzantine music, thus highlighting their common origin from Ancient Greek Music. It should also be noted that we have also published a newspaper entitled “The Lyra of Amphion”.

It is a special honor for our Association that it is included in the 12th volume of the distinguished and pan-Hellenic Musicologist and author Filippos Oikonomou entitled “210 Traditional Folk Songs” among the best exponents and researchers of our Folk and Folk song, such as Papasideris, Roukouna , Zacho, Aidonidis, Karamanis, Tsamkirani, Petridis, Peristeris, Alexiou, Hatzimarkos, Stanitsa, Ioannidis et al.

Our Association has a choir department, a painting department and a dance department. Also, our Association implements trips to destinations inside and outside Greece in collaboration with a travel agency in Trikala. The Board of Directors of our Association is five members and consists of:
President Vasilia Basiakou
The Vice-President Fr. Athanasios Koutsias
The Secretary Evangelia Grammenou
The Treasurer Konstantinos Vasiliadis
The Ef. dem. relations Evangelia Bigiou

Our Association is a bridge that culturally unites the past with the present and broadens intellectual horizons by moving decisively into the future. As a timeless custodian of culture, it aims to preserve tradition on the one hand, and to pass it on to the new generation on the other. This is why both the members of the Board of Directors and the other members of our Association work every time with zeal and responsibility for the best possible promotion of the cultural heritage of our country.

The Farkadonas Music Association “O Amphion” is always willing to cooperate with any local organization and association for the promotion and promotion of the cultural heritage, because it is the priceless treasure of the heart of the Thessalian plain.

Farkadona Women’s Association

Founded in 1996 and headquartered in Farkadona. Lists 200 members. The purpose of the association is the recognition of women as an important factor in the social life of our country and of her contribution as a living cell of modern society.

Also the purpose of the association is to spread the idea of mutual aid for the creative contribution to intellectual, moral and social progress. In addition, our association contributes to the revival of cultural traditions with various events, forming a dance section for children’s and adult performances and creating a space (hall) as a folklore museum!

Oichalia Women’s Association

We are a Women’s Association from Oichalia Trikala and we have been active since 2002. Our purpose is the establishment and recognition of women as an important factor in the social life of the place, the cultivation of the spiritual and moral level of our members, the preservation of tradition and customs of our place, the formation of a folkloric dance department for performing performances inside and outside our Municipality, the entertainment of our fellow villagers and our children.

We hope to sensitize them and make them want to love their fellow man and their place, in general to live in a more humane and beautiful world.
Email :
Phone: 6975845502

Cultural Association of Krini

The Trikala Fountain Cultural Association was founded in 2011 by a group of young people from the village and was immediately embraced by hundreds of residents. Today it counts over 200 active members. From its foundation until today, it has focused on tradition, culture, volunteering, support, hospitality, society. And this was evident from his first steps. For twelve years now, its administrations and members have tried and succeeded in organizing a multitude of quality activities with a distinct cultural character, highlighting the traditions, morals and customs of the village and the wider area of the Municipality of Farkadona.

The Association is housed in the former Krini primary school. There he maintains his own folklore museum, an effort that was supported by all the inhabitants of the village with the offer of old objects and items that were used at home, in the household, in everyday life, in the occupation of the Kriniots. The club’s participation in conferences inside and outside the borders of our country and the informative events it organizes at regular intervals are characterized as important, as of course the annual events for the children of the village. At the same time, it presents a strong voluntary and social face through the establishment of a Blood Bank, the provision of support to residents, especially during the years of the pandemic and afterwards, but also the provision of all assistance.

The Association comes to actively support and contribute to the organization of the annual Meeting with Tradition and Culture held in August. An event that meets with great success and is now an institution for the region.

Last year the Association came to organize a very important event that attracted the attention and attention of the residents of Thessaly and the country in general. The reason for the first Traditional Seed Exchange Festival in the prefecture of Trikala, co-organized by the alternative community “Peliti” is the support of the global organization SEED FREEDOM and the help of the Region of Thessaly and many sponsors of the region.

The future plans of the Krinis Cultural Association are many and are expected to unfold in the coming months and years. The primary goal is the cooperation with all the associations of the Municipality, in order to develop a strong cultural chain that will make Krini, our Municipality and its 18 villages widely known.

Phone: 6977382144

Cultural Association of Petroto “Agios Georgios”

The Cultural Association of Petroto “Agios Georgios” was founded in 1978 and took its name from the chapel of Agios Georgios outside the village where on the day of the feast the custom of Dragon Slaying takes place. It is worth noting that the custom of Dragon Slaying is only performed in two villages in all of Greece. Also on May 21st we have the feast of Saints Constantine and Helen organized by the Association. In addition, we have the Trano Horos tis Agapi which takes place on Easter Sunday in the central square of the village. We also have the Bayou carnival where the custom of the Camel takes place. And finally, the Association takes part in various events.

Constantinos Alexiou

Cultural Association of Oichalia Trikala “O ICHALOS”

The newbie <<Cultural Association of Oichalia Trikala, OICHALOS>> was founded in 2023 with the aim of saving and promoting the culture of the region through actions and activities. The Cultural Association was founded on June 2, 2023 by a group of people with a high sense of social contribution. The purpose of the association is the development and utilization of the cultural level of the region.

His thinking, plans and dreams include all the residents of our area, from the youngest to the oldest, as well as the passerby who would like to make a stop in our village. We also have special love and respect for people who live abroad but whose heart and roots are still here. We thank them for the help they have offered and for continuing to be by our side in every call we make.

Zarkou Cultural Association “O Faittos”

The Zarkos Cultural Association “O Fayttos” as its ultimate goal since its foundation in 2017 had the cultural and folklore development of Zarkos and its contribution to the overall development of the Municipality of Farkadona. Taking over the reins from the previous Educational Association of the village, he completed and continued projects such as the official tyranixia of Agios Christopheros and the photo exhibition with the history of Zarkos from 1910, which chronologically is also the oldest.

In its 7 years of operation, it undertook the inclusion of ONAR (the only amateur theater group of the municipality) in its capacity as one of its most active, creative and active groups. with participation in festivals, performances inside and outside the boundaries of the Municipality under the auspices of the region of Thessaly.

Another collaboration for 5 years is the one with SOAT as FAITTOS gives the opportunity to young elementary and high school students to train at TAE KBO DO by bringing a coach to its specially designed rooms.

The Association’s activities (theatre group, dance department and also TAE KBO NTO departments) are housed in the former warehouses of the cooperative which were granted by the current municipal authority after the earthquake of March 3, 2021 for this purpose.

In the same rooms, the creation of an exhibition museum space has begun with objects donated by the inhabitants of the village and which aspires to be visited weekly soon.

Hara Gimisis

Cultural Association of Klokotos “FARKAS AND AGIA SOFIA”

It was founded in 2019 and aims to preserve – revive the cultural heritage of the village. It also aims at the promotion of ancient Farkadona, in digital form, as the most ancient state city of our region, where its remains still exist today, in the layout of the settlement.

It has a rich traditional and folklore Museum.
Maintains a Blood Bank
He takes part in all the cultural events of the region.
He organizes seminars, lectures of all kinds.
Top event, the celebration of the association’s patron saint, Agia Sophia, on September 16.

George Banasios

Beautician Education Association “O VLYZAS”

It is almost 40 years since a group of young people from our village with common interests and concerns founded the Landscape Education Association “O VLYZAS”. The association acquired the legal entity with an official Statute in 1984 on February 3rd, but the effort for its official recognition began in 1981 with the gathering of the then necessary supporting documents.

In the village there was a cultural activity and much more than before the foundation of the association, any activities were done exclusively by the passion of some teachers of the Grizanos Primary School at the time.

The coordinator of all this was Master Zacharakis Ilias, the one who led the group of young people in the creation of “VLYZA”, always in consultation with Nikolaos Kalaboukas Tou Apostolou (a person quite active in cultural matters, but later engaged professionally as an actor with the stage name “Nikolaos Grizanis”).

The Association proceeded to elections in 2023 with the young president Iotas Nikolaos tou Ioannou with new and innovative ideas, and a strong and experienced Board of Directors. with goals, the tradition in our modern times so that the activities in our beautiful village come alive again. The name “VLYZAS” of the Association, as the story goes, came from the word avvlyzo, because in the village of Grizano, the waters were gushing strongly, as well as vlyzas (ἀνα + vlyzo).


Also associations of the Municipality are:

Vlach-speaking Cultural Association of Farkadona Region
Farkadona Environmental Association
Association of Pontians of Farkadona
Keramidi Cultural Association
Faneromeni Cultural Association
Petroto Cultural Association