The old names of the villages of the Municipality of Farkadona

The old names of the villages of the Municipality of Farkadona come mainly from foreign words (Turkish, Slavic, Albanian, etc.), from the geographical location and from some special characteristic of the area.

Many village names have been etymologized by various scholars and historians, but others remain unetymologized.

With the end of the Balkan Wars and the liberation of the rest of Greece, the state began the procedures to change the names of the villages that had been given by the various conquerors.

Naturally, the residents and community leaders reacted, because they did not want to abolish the historical names of their villages, which came from the language of their ancestors. To quell their reactions, the state issued a decree saying that administrative sanctions would be imposed if they did not comply with the order.

However, the inhabitants, even today, use the old historical names that were passed down from generation to generation, because the “roots” are not forgotten and not easily uprooted.

We present below the old and new names of all the villages of the Municipality:
Zarko = Faittos
Krini = Vostidi
Petroto = Liaskovo
Oichalia= Neochori
Pineiada= Zarko Mari
Taxiarches= Kritsini
Faneromeni= Koyrmpali
Achladochori= Vorgiani
Diaselo= Panitsa
Panagitsa= Tsiotouli
Farkadona= Tsioti