The meeting of icons in Achladochori and Grizano

Every year on Easter Tuesday, the residents of Grizanos and Achladochori in the municipality of Farkadona, hold their annual religious meeting. Observing the religious tradition, customs and traditions of their place, they take out the icons from the two churches of their villages, to worship them and ask for the grace of the saints.

According to the custom, which is lost in the depths of the centuries, the inhabitants carry in their hands the icons of the Virgin Mary, those of Achladochori, of various saints, those of Grizanos, and meet in the middle of the route of the two neighboring settlements. The custom used to take the form of a litany with the inhabitants asking, wishing and requesting euphoria of the fruits of the earth, in view of the new growing season.

Crowds of people once again attended the ancient religious custom to worship and ask the Virgin Mary and the Saints for health.

As reported by residents of the two villages, no one knows the moment he started to revive. The tradition says that the inhabitants of the two villages started the custom in the form of a litany for the fruitfulness of the land since the season coincides with the beginning of agricultural work and the new crop year.

In the reception of the Holy Icons and in the prayer that followed, the inhabitants of the villages, especially the women, sang and danced the Pashalioyurta, old Easter songs that were sung both in the days we are passing through and also in other major holidays until the Ascension of the Lord.

Thus, early in the morning, on the Tuesday of Epiphany, the residents of the two villages, people of all ages, will revive the custom of “icons”.