Grizano Customs

In 1881, after the annexation of Thessaly, to Greece, in the area of Grizanos, at the place of Giannos Kalyvas, because the point was a passage from the Turkish state to the Hellenic one and vice versa, a Customs House was built to control those crossing the border.

Structure and architecture of the building

It is a long narrow rectangular building, with a simple construction and a rectangular tower on its upper left side.

The building is built symmetrically with a rectangular tower on its upper left side, in a conservative frame, while there is also a boldness for large openings. Its characteristic features are the arched entrance portals, the arches in the porches and the carved masonry.

The point was chosen because it was where those traveling from:
A. western Macedonia, they passed through the straits of Sarandaporos,
– they were reaching Elassona,
– from here to Vlachoianni.
B. Also, those traveling from central and eastern Macedonia:
– they were passing through Katerini
– and through the narrows of Agios Dimitrios Pieria, they reached Elassona
– and from there to Vlachoianni.
Vlahoyanni was the point of departure for:
– Larissa and Farsala continued towards Tyrnavos,
C. those heading to Epirus and Southwest Greece,
– they were passing the Megalo Eleftherohori
– and after passing the Customs they would get off at Grizano and continue their journey.
This route, for those traveling on foot or with animals, was the shortest to the plain of Thessaly, and was chosen by people from ancient times until the highways were made.