Bourani custom Zarko

It is an ancient custom whose roots lie in the Dionysian rites. On the morning of Clean Monday, the young men of the village gather in the central square, form several groups and wander around the neighborhoods, drinking wine and singing phallic songs (wedding songs) to any woman who happens to come out of her house and find herself on their way. The participants in the custom all paint their faces with varnish making the sign of the cross on their cheeks and forehead. They go around in procession, forcing anyone they meet to drink wine from ceramic phallus-shaped glasses and paint them with varnish while singing phallic songs, the content of which symbolizes the fertility and euphoria of the earth.

At noon and after drinking enough wine, they choose a prospective victim to bury him like Dionysus, the so-called Bourani, who, accompanied by all those involved, is taken to the village cemetery for burial, covering him with laurel leaves.

A custom that began to be revived decades ago both in Zarkos and in Tyrnavos, since many residents who used to live in the village, moved to Tyrnavos, transferring customs and traditions.

In the custom, everything was allowed, from profanity to obscene movements. As was the teasing even from the women, who participated in the custom.

Residents and visitors had the opportunity to enjoy a unique day, where, in addition to burani, they were offered bean salad and Lenten food from the local community and the Municipality.